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Our Story

Hue Architecture is an architectural design company based in Boston, Massachusetts. We serve a wide variety of clients from home owners to developers, and our projects range in scope from minor additions to mixed-use developments. We are a Passive House Certified Office and we aim to incorporate sustainable design throughout all of our projects.  Whether we are working on a modern townhouse development or a traditional home addition, we strive to understand our clients needs and deliver exceptional quality in everything we do.

We are a husband and wife team.  We come from different backgrounds with a wide and varied set of experiences.  Our different perspectives are our strength.  We collaborate closely on each project and merge our experiences to find the best possible design solutions for each of our clients.  We believe architecture should respond to community and environment by not only addressing the needs of our clients and the communities in which we work, but  doing so in a smart, responsible and pleasing way. Architecture is a collaboration between many parties: city officials, neighborhood associations, consultants, owner, builder, and more.  By understanding the importance of these various stakeholders, we are able to deliver a successful project for all parties involved. We look forward to meet and discuss with you on how we can achieve your goals for your next project.

Jennifer Ha
Partner/ Co-founder

Jennifer Ha is from Boston, Massachusetts. After receiving her Bachelor's of Architecture from Syracuse University, she moved to China for 6 years and worked for a variety of prestigious international offices in Beijing and Shanghai China. Jennifer co-founded a design company, Studio AoTu (now Studio Doho) in Shanghai. Jennifer is experienced in architectural and interior design. She speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Matthew Mueller
Partner/ Co-founder
Architect/ Passive House Certified

Matt is from Birmingham, Alabama. After receiving his Bachelor's of Architecture from Auburn University and successfully completing his thesis project at the renowned Rural Studio Program, Matt spent over six years living abroad. During his time overseas, Matt worked as Design Director for a non-profit called INCLUDED. He had worked on various projects from high-rises in Beijing to Migrant Community Centers in Nepal. After receiving his Passive House Certification, Matt not only specializes in community-based design but also in Sustainable architecture.

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